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Experience: 0-2 years
Location: Chicago South
E-mail: Info@McCreadyLaw.com
Area of Practice: Personal Injury


Is your current position just a job? Do you know you can do better? The law can be an exciting and fulfilling profession, but you need to find the right firm in which to bring out the best in you. Thanks for taking the time to read about our firm. You have taken the first step in changing your professional and personal life.

A little about us: We are a busy plaintiff's personal injury firm with several offices, including downtown Chicago. We pride ourselves on providing superlative legal work and customer service. We use cutting edge technology in all aspects of our practice. The field of plaintiffs' personal injury is changing and firms which are not prepared will fail within five years. We will be the beneficiary of their failure to think ahead. There are few firms which do things the way we do. Intrigued? Keep reading.

There are many other factors which distinguish us from other firms. First, Michael McCready is recognized as a leader in law firm management and frequently speaks around the country regarding best practices in running a plaintiff personal injury firm. He also serves as a consultant for other firms using case management software Smart Advocate. We take pride in our firm culture and we embrace our Firm Values in everything we do. Finally, we have a long-term vision for the firm's continued growth and success.

What we need from you. We are looking for an attorney with 0-2 years experience who we can train and teach the right way to practice personal injury law. The compensation package will be tailored to your level of experience, but will involve a base salary plus a percentage of your results.

You must be proficient in Microsoft Office suite as well as Adobe. You must be comfortable in learning and using our case management system, Smart Advocate. If you don't have experience in some specific items, be forthright and honest. You will learn how to do all of these things.

We have identified the following characteristics as important to work for McCreadyLaw:

• detail orientated and accurate
• reliable and hard working
• willing and eager to learn
• positive attitude about work, life and the world
• compassionate and caring
• good listener and explainer

Don't just tell us you possess these qualities, show us how your past work experience demonstrates these characteristics. Explain how your personal interests reinforce these traits. Show us, don't tell us. We do a thorough job in the hiring process to ensure the right people work for the firm and maintain the firm culture. If you make it through the hiring process, we expect you will work here for a long time. We treat our employees well. We encourage personal and professional growth which makes working here rewarding. We provide health insurance, 401(k), profit sharing and bonuses as well as a pathway to partnership.

Please submit a resume as well as a cover letter explaining why this position suits you to Info@McCreadyLaw.com. All submissions are held in the strictest confidence. Certain candidates will undergo a 10 minute phone interview. It's your chance to make a good impression over the phone. For those who pass this phase, we will ask for references and a detailed submission of your past work experience. We also employee personality testing.

We expect you will research a little about who we are and what we do prior to your phone interview, so don't try to wing it. Review https://url.us.m.mimecastprotect.com/s/7trJCR6rkVIwmYzTPqRUB?domain=mccreadylaw.com/.

Finally, we will invite a certain number of applicants for an in-person interview. We are busy, so we would not invite you to interview unless we were seriously considering you for the position. As you can see, this process takes a lot of our time and it will take your time. We want to hire the best candidate and one who wants to work for us, not someone whose attitude is any job will do.

Perhaps you are seeking new challenges and growth beyond your current mentor's guidance? Have you recognized the limitations of your current firm and yearn for greater professional advancement? Are you looking to change practice areas? Embrace this opportunity as a strategic career move, one that transcends mere financial gain. If you believe it's the right time for your next move, please email apply@mccreadylaw.com to open a dialogue. Rest assured, all inquiries will be treated with utmost confidentiality.

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