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Experience: 3-5 years
Location: Chicago Northwest Suburbs
E-mail: office@hibbslaw.com
Area of Practice: Intellectual Property


Hibbs Law, LLC is seeking an experienced paralegal. We are a small intellectual property boutique, and our primary goal is to provide the highest quality intellectual property, business, and health law related legal services to individuals and small business owners. We strive to achieve this goal by maintaining the highest legal ethical standards and passion towards protecting clients and their intellectual property. Recently, Hibbs Law had seen significant growth. All members of our team have the vital role of keeping the office and client matters running smoothly.

A paralegal's responsibilities will include:

1. Perform conflicts check on potential clients;
2. Create letters of engagements and disengagements;
3. Assist the office manager in daily, client-related tasks;
4. Perform client intake tasks: create new paper and online folders, client numbers, and add client information to conflict document;
5. Promptly and professionally respond to client communications via email, mail, or phone/video call;
6. Assist in editing documents per request by the firm attorneys or office manager;
7. Assist with trademark searches, patent searches, typing up reports, office action responses, court filings, USPTO filings, business entity forms, and other legal documents;
8. Assist with typing up edits to patent application, preparing related patent application forms, proper filing of patent applications and forms, and integration with docketing software;
9. Keep electronic files organized according to the existing Hibbs Law system and import new documents/files into the correct folders;
10. Legal and factual research for patents, trademarks, infringement, cease and desist, or court cases;
11. Maintaining litigation dockets; preparing motions, arguments, etc.; and timely filing motions, briefs, etc.;
12. Assist in preparing for court days and depositions;
13. Assist in responding to Requests for Productions, performing data collection, and assigning BATES numbering; and
14. Communicate with clients, Judge's chambers/clerks, opposing counsel, process servers, USPTO employees as needed for and Intellectual Property prosecution and litigation matters.

A preferred candidate should possess the following qualities:

1. Current Paralegal Certificate;

2. Have at least 3-5 years of experience as a paralegal ;
3. A good work ethic;
4. Communicate consistently and well;
5. Be respectful to everyone;
6. Intellectual Property law experience is preferred but not required;
7. Be a team player;
8.Be inquisitive;
9.Be open to receiving and giving feedback and seek to improve;
10. Have a positive outlook for the betterment of the firm;
11. Be capable of handling greater challenges and responsibilities over time;
12. Possess strong knowledge of intellectual property prosecution, procedural requirements, and/or litigation is preferred but not required; and
13. Ability to prioritize and work under tight deadlines.

Salary: $60,000/yr. for a qualified candidate following a 30-day probation period.
Please send resume/cv and cover letter to: Colleen Carrillo, office@hibbslaw.com, no later than October 28th, 2022.

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