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Experience: 5 years
Location: Machesney Park, IL
E-mail: michael.flanagan@harlem122.org
URL: www.harlem122.org/

General Counsel


1. B.S. or B.A. and Juris Doctorate from a law school accredited by the American Bar Association
2. Current, unrevoked and unsuspended license to practice law in the State of Illinois
3. Active membership in good standing in the State Bar of Illinois
4. Must have current knowledge of and expertise in municipal and school law
5. A demonstrated verifiable reputation for integrity; no history of disciplinary offenses as an attorney or in any other capacity
6. A minimum of five (5) years progressively responsible active experience in the practice of law, including experience in public entity or institutional representation
7. Exemplary leadership capabilities
8. Excellent communication skills
both verbal and written
Terms of Employment:

Twelve (12) month contract

Moderate in-district travel as well as in-state and out-of-state travel

Intermittent prolonged and irregular hours of work


1. Actively support the mission of the school and district.
2. Utilize conscious engagement regarding equity, diversity and inclusion.
Represent the Harlem Consolidated School District in a professional manner


1. Represent the Harlem Board of Education in its capacity as the governing body for the School District. (Board Policy 2:160)
2. Oversee all matters pertaining to the legal representation of District as an entity in matters involving State and federal law.
3. Oversee the development and implementation of policies, procedures, strategic plans, systems and related initiatives consistent with the attorney-client relationship and operational standards of the District.
4. Oversee the formulation and implementation of short-term and long-term goals and plans to improve the efficiency and efficacy of the legal representation the District receives.
5. Attend regular meetings of the Harlem Board of Education and special meetings at the request of the Board President. The General Counsel shall act as attorney to the Board of Education at all meetings.
6. Assist the Board of Education, Board committees, the Superintendent and other staff as the legal advisor, providing guidance on legal matters that arise during the District's daily business.
7. Provide timely, documented opinions on any legal question when requested by the Board of Education or Superintendent.
8. Provide consultation to all members of the Board of Education on any school and/or district matter.
9. Serve as the lead negotiator for all HFT unions.
10. Advise academic and administrative leadership on various matters related to employment and labor, student rights and discipline, special education and student disabilities, property, litigation and administrative hearings, public meetings and Freedom of Information Act compliance.
11. Oversee legal compliance and prepares required legal documents for all elections, referendums, or special elections that may be called by the Board of Education and School Board members.
12. Examine, develop, draft, and implements legal instruments, contracts, documents, and Board policies for execution by Officers of the Board of Education or the Superintendent and in compliance with State and Federal laws and regulations.
13. Serve as legal guidance to the Board of Education and/or Superintendent on the purchase or sale of any real estate for the District.
14. Provides legal counsel as part of the negotiating team(s) and may also be placed as the Superintendent's designee as chief negotiator in all collective bargaining matters. Provides counsel to the Board of Education in collaboration with Labor Relations concerning bargaining strategy.
15. Conducts internal investigations of District-related matters at the direction of the Board of Education and/or the Superintendent and presents findings from such investigations, unless there is a conflict of interest or it has been determined by the Superintendent that the General Counsel should not perform this role.
16. Recommends retention of outside counsel when necessary.
17. Oversee and initiate as appropriate, inter-office projects, programs and activities.
18. Governs all General Counsel operations, including the budget and outside counsel.
19. Represents the District with significant internal and external constituencies, including government agencies, executives and outside consultants and advisors.
20. Represents the District in any legal matter as requested by the Board of Education and authorized by the Superintendent until the Board has an opportunity to consider the matter.
21. Audio records all closed meetings and ensures that: (1) an audio recording device and all necessary accompanying items are available to the Board for every closed meeting, and (2) a secure location for storing closed meeting audio recordings is maintained close to the Board's regular meeting location.
22. Reviews the written rationale submitted in support of any recommendation the Board award a bid to an individual or entity other than the lowest bidder.
23. Serves as the District's Open Meetings Act Officer.
24. Provides annual in-service training to principals and assistant principals concerning the provisions of Board Policy.
25. Provides training on relevant legal topics to staff.
26. Maintains appropriate confidentiality, oversees contractors, consultants, experts and others in addressing the legal needs of the District.
27. Responds to, supervises, disposes of, and/or adjusts all other matters that may be deemed necessary and proper by the Board of Education and/or Superintendent.
28. Ensures that all actions are in concert with the Board policies as well as the mission statement, beliefs, objectives and goals found in the District's Long-Range Plan.
29. Keep current with best practices and requirements as they relate to your job assignment.
30. Perform such other job-related duties and assume such other professional responsibilities as the Board of Education or Superintendent may from time to time assign or delegate.
Contact Dr. Michael Flanagan, Superintendent Designee, at michael.flanagan@harlem122.org.
Apply here https://www.harlem122.org/.

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