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Location: Chicago West Suburbs
E-mail: katrina@fornarolaw.com
URL: www.fornarolaw.com/attention-law-practice-owners-ready-to-transition-fornaro-law-is-looking-to-acquire/

Attention Law Practice Owners: Ready to Transition? Fornaro Law is Looking to Acquire

If you're considering selling or merging your law practice and transitioning your clients, Fornaro Law is actively seeking to acquire practices like yours. We understand your concerns about client care and staff loyalty during this transition.

At Fornaro Law, we offer a solution that allows you to continue practicing law while delegating management responsibilities to a proactive and responsive team. By joining us, you can ensure a smooth transition for your clients and staff and gain access to additional resources.

Why should you worry about the changing legal landscape that relies on technology, the cloud, and chat-based services or about the impact of another recession on your practice and bottom line? It is time to just practice the law and leave the management and headaches to someone else.

Fornaro Law is an entrepreneurial firm operating nationally, serving successful business owners primarily in logistics, transportation, manufacturing, service, and real estate.

With our Outside General Counsel (OGC) model we provide a comprehensive range of services in the practice areas of corporate, commercial real estate, zoning, mergers and acquisitions, dispute resolution, estate planning and more. We aim to acquire top-tier firms led by passionate attorneys who share our commitment to client success.

Our lawyers love working at Fornaro Law due to our unexpected reach, camaraderie, and the opportunity to expand their skills. We have a forward-thinking approach that allows experienced attorneys to concentrate on the law without the distractions of managing a practice.

If you believe this opportunity could improve your personal life, financial success, and career transition, let's start a conversation.

Reach out to katrina@fornarolaw.com and discover how we can support your goals.
For more information about this opportunity please follow this link: https://www.fornarolaw.com/attention-law-practice-owners-ready-to-transition-fornaro-law-is-looking-to-acquire/