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Experience: 3-5 years
Location: Chicago West Suburbs
E-mail: recruiting@cmvlaw.com
Area of Practice: Litigation


The Litigation legal assistant will assist 2-3 litigators in all aspects of discovery and trial preparation in various jurisdictions. Organize and maintain case files. Ability to handle legal filings, including online filings. Draft routine pleadings. Familiar with online calendaring and docketing systems. Assist in preparation of large document productions as well as preparing documents for potential experts. Gather, prepare and summarize relevant case materials for attorney review. This is a full-time position from 9am-5pm in our downtown Warrenville office. QUALIFICATIONS •3-5 years as a litigation legal assistant and/or 5+ years practical legal experience, required •Strong computer skills are required •Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written •Able to work in a fast-paced environment with challenging tasks and daily deadlines ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS Case Management
Open/Close litigation files (We prepare the closing from and from there billing/Conflicts Department does the end closing once the invoice has been paid)
Prepare Litigation Approval and New Client forms
Prepare and submit Closing memo forms
Update Litigation Management Software, including docketing, entering notes, Orders, and status reports (Chicago does this slightly different than we do. Eservice handles this on all incoming mail. We should be doing the entries on things we generate, such as notices for deposition.)
Assist attorney with written discovery requests, including large document production projects, and related projects
Legal Research and Cite Checking (We do not have to do legal research and is done by the paralegals) Document Preparation
Prepare initial documents, including Pleadings, Summons, Contested Motions, Written Discovery, and initial letter to client (I am not sure if different in Chicago, but usually the attorney will have us prepare the appearance and jury demand and let us know that our party has been properly named and determine the way the appearance should read. They will prepare the responsive pleading/dictate the pleading. We do draft the initial discovery and letter to client and/or insurance company. These are form letters.
Prepare routine motions to vacate, for extension, vacate, for special process server/alt service.
Prepare status report letters to clients and case-related letters to counsel of record
Prepare Interrogatories and Requests for Production and Answer written discovery requests
Prepare Notice of Deposition forms.
Service of Process; preparation of summonses/alias summonses
File Affidavits of Service with the Courts
Motions for Special Process Server/Appointment of SPS
Arrange for Service and monitoring service
Communicate with clients regarding status
Preparation of Affidavits of Attorney Fees and Costs
Request Litigation Checks (We do our own checks up to a certain amount from petty cash.)
Handle routine communications with client, attorneys, vendors
E-File new lawsuits, motions and other pleadings
Schedule of court reporters. We also coordinate deposition dates with all parties/and schedule meetings with clients, experts, etc.
Preparation of FOIA Requests/Subpoenas for Litigators Please send resume with cover letter to recruiting@cmvlaw.com

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